The Art of Injection


Worldwide medical doctors are using injection therapy. Most often cortisone is injected to treat arthritis, synovitis or tendalgia. This is the most effective treatment for inflammatory pain syndromes.
When it comes to performing injections many colleagues hesitate.
There is a huge need to improve these skills.

Many books can be found in this expertise, but only a few films. After many years of teaching I decided to share my demanded experience.
I made it vision able on film. A moving picture explains more than words.
The action itself becomes easier to receive.

In my experience, anatomy and technique, are the foundations.
The performance is - an art !

Dr. Roger Stadra

Teaching the course Artofinjection

for MD, physiotherapeuts, naprapats & chiropractors.

Stockholm dec 4, 2020.

Do you have the courage to participate? - Welcome!
If not - just study the app and the guide - good luck!

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The app Artofinjection    

Advanced teaching - the easy way!
A must have for all smartphone-wielding doctors!

Patients with pain in the joints and tendons are almost an everyday issue in primary healthcare. Injections therapy is a cost-efficient, fast acting and safe treatment. Make sure you have what it takes to provide your patients with the treatment they deserve. This smartphone app will provide you with the necessary tools to master injection therapy.

· 18 injection techniques described in detail and with instruction videos direct from clinical practice!
· Introduction in the section "Getting started"!
· Fast, intuitive and easy to use!

The app Artofinjection is available now on App Store, Windows Phone and Google Play for just 13 dollars!

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